Thrift Books


Ah ha!

Thanks to my wonderful little cousin I have discovered a new website where you can purchase used books at a discounted price! I just ordered a few books and I can’t wait to get them! The site is I even got 15% off on my first purchase! My cousin had to send me an email referring me over to the site in order to get a discounted code for the 15% off. How awesome is that? So awesome!( Ha! I answered my own question!) I should also add that I got free shipping as well!!! *happy dance* 🙂

Night night



Pink peonies on a Wednesday


Sometimes you really have to stop and smell the flowers. These past few months have not been easy. In fact I am overwhelmed with the routine I am carrying right now! But coming home to these beauties reminded me that this little storm will pass!!! The boyfriend did good with the anniversary flowers this time (just kidding! All the time).  Today he made sure to remind me that we are in this together.  It’s  moments like these that make me feel so grateful to have such a great man in my life! So just a friendly reminder to those who are also overwhelmed with work and life: Lets focus our energy on the good that is going on around us instead of digging ourselves further in that “life stinks” hole. Because after all LOVE IS ALL WE NEED.

“Every day may not be good… But there’s something good in everyday”

5 things that I am grateful today:

Breathing, My jobs, My health, LOVE, and peonies 😉

Cheers to the middle of the week.


Hello world!


Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Marisol (SEA & SUN). I love exploring, cooking, photography,reading, and fashion! I decided to start a blog to document my findings in hopes that it will inspire you to go out and explore! I love traveling but I’ve come to terms that I don’t have to travel to explore! I can simply start by exploring my own city! I just moved to San Diego (March 2016) so I have a lot to explore here! Sigan me los buenos!

Life is what YOU make of it!

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