This is 31


Hi everyone,

So after all the holiday chaos you would think life would calm down but in my case it usually never does. See, I was so lucky to be born in the first weeks of January (yay me!). This year just like the past few years (3 to be exact) I’ve tend to get a little nostalgic around my birthday. Don’t get me wrong I am always grateful that I get to actually get to see myself turn one more year older and wiser 😉 It’s just the fact that I miss my grandmother being physically here with me to celebrate with me.

The last birthday I had with her is just now a memory that I carry with me. I actually have a video of that day on one of my old phones. It’s me opening the door from my bedroom and her sitting in the dinning room are talking to one of my aunt’s. That day I had asked my mother for us to celebrate at home with a nice brunch and to then go play softball with all the family (because that’s what we used to love to do). In the video my grandma makes a comment of how I’m dressed and I make a joke about it and we both laugh! My grandmother’s laugh was like no other. Every time she laughed, her tummy would go up and down and I always found that funny ( laughing as I’m typing).

My grandmother passed unexpectedly and that day is just a memory I can’t erase. We were so close! I mean, we lived together for 27 years! So celebrating my birthday without her has been hard. It’s actually something that I don’t like to share. When people ask me “what are we doing for your birthday?” I always reply “nothing!” lol! I am so the birthday grinch! lol! I know, I know, I shouldn’t be this way! My grandmother would have loved to be able to make me the happiest girl on my birthday because that is just what she did for as long as she was here with me! Every time I remember or miss my Nana I remember this short quote from a poem “I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart.”

So with that being said the manfriend made sure he made me feel extra special on my day! My birthday started off with a nice breakfast at a really nice vegan/vegetarian place called “Kitchen mouse Cafe.” This place is located in Highland park and it is a nice hidden gem! What brought me here were there tacos but I was not in the mood for tacos so I tried their pancakes and they were delish!


I am so happy to say that I finally visited “Lake Shrine!” And it was beautiful! We actually spent a few hours there since it was so serene and full of beauty.

lake shrine

lake shrine

Tolake shrine

lake shrine

To end this beautiful day we had dinner at Royce Steak house at the Langham in Pasadena. Of course we did not have a steak! We had their Salmon and it was just so tasty! After dinner we hung out at the hotel’s tap room to enjoy a nice drink and some live music.

FullSizeRender 8

And of course because I could not celebrate my birthday without my greatest love, my mother. The next day we went to have breakfast and of course brefecito had to include some cafecito de olla! My heart jumped for joy! hehe!


So Here’s to the big 31! I promise to let go of that birthday grinch in me next year! hehe!

Here’s the full poem (just in case you were interested) 🙂
forever grateful,


Happy New Year!

FullSizeRender 2

Hey Everyone!

Happy 2016! I’m actually really looking forward to 2016. I will be moving to San Diego in March, so I feel like that will be the highlight of this year! I get to explore a new city! Yay! But until then, I have to work on some stuff here at home. I decided to start this year a little bit different. I started off by decluttering my home and oh boy it feels like never ending! But so far I’m loving the outcome! I am also working on my “new years resolutions,” and on my “10 things I want to do this year” list. Last night I ordered my Erin Condren planner! I can’t wait to start using it! Definitely starting the year very well motivated! What are your plans for this year?

Remember: A goal without a plan is just a wish

Best Wishes,

What are you grateful for?


Yesterday, my mom had a doctors appointment to get some test results. Although I didn’t want to worry, deep down inside I was worried like hell. Gladly all the test results came out good! My mom was super happy that the doctor told her that she was healthy. Wow! Feeling worried and then hearing that she is healthy reminded me of everything that I am grateful for. My health, my family, and the amazing man by my side are just the top 3 of a very long list. After my mother’s appointment, I wanted to celebrate with a healthy lunch and some Lattes so we visited Cafe Gratitude. This is a vegan, plant based, organic restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. We had a good time enjoying the food, the lattes, and reading their quotes that are featured all over the restaurant walls and menus. It’s funny how the universe works, check out the text on my plate in the picture above. Hehe! For now, I am grateful that I was able to have a nice lunch with my healthy mum. What are you grateful for?

“Take care of the people you love, but take even better care of the people that love you”

Have an amazing day friends,

A little getaway

Hello friends,

Let me tell you about my little getaway! The manfriend surprised me for our anniversary with a little trip to Temecula. Temecula is actually not so far from our home, it’s about 1 1/2 hours away. Temecula is a little city known for wine tasting and balloon rides. The manfriend booked us a night at the South Coast Winery resort & Spa. And boy were we in for a little surprise!

image1 (9)

Right after checking in we decided to go on and explore the resort. We were really amazed of how wonderful this place was! We had dinner at their Vineyard Rose Restaurant. Lucky for us, we were able to dine at their outside area while admiring the gorgeous full moon.

image1 (4)

After dinner we decided to walk around and check out the pool area! The pool area is amazing! We were really bumbed out that we didn’t pack our swim wear but that didnt’ stop us from enjoying the views this resort had to offer. We ended up staying there for a few hours! The weather was perfect to just sit and relax outdoors while listening to nice relaxing music.

image2 (1)

The next morning we got up early to go on our little balloon ride adventure!

Now friends, let me tell you that I am afraid of heights! But I had always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride! I am glad that I got the courage to allow myself to experience this. It was nothing like I had imagined! I expected the balloon ride to be shaky, loud, and cold. It was the total opposite! We didn’t even realize that we had taken off until we looked down and saw people waving at us! It was super smooth! It took me about less than 10 minutes to settle in and just enjoy the awesome views. It was nice and quiet in the air. Such a serene moment.

image1 (11)

Did I mention that the views were amazing!


After being in the air for about an hour or so we landed nice and smoothly and were congratulated with some mimosas! We were taken back to the hotel restaurant for some yummy breakfast! Their banana pancakes were AMAZING!!! Best pancakes I’ve ever had! My new mission is to try to make them on my own! I regret not taking a picture of them 🙁 darn! Overall we had such a great time for our anniversary! We were both really happy with this little getaway! We will definitely go back! This time we will make sure we don’t forget our swim wear!

image1 (10)